Now, after years of developing, testing and dreaming, the solution is here. The NoerStick mast extension makes life so much easier for all windsurfers, all around the world.
The NoerStick mast exstension is a major upgrade to your rig and also a major upgrade to the joy of your 
windsurfing experience.
The idea of the NoerStick was playing around in my mind for a long time. I just had to find a solution to the problem of remembering the settings on my mast extension, whatever the sail size I chose to use.
Imagine never ever again having the trouble of remembering your settings on your mast extension - wouldn't that be wonderful?
Windsurfing has always been my passion and still is.
Since I started windsurfing back in 1982, I've followed every major improvement in the sport, like when foot straps were added to the boards or when booms got quick lock.
Improvements like these made life just so much easier for me and my windsurfing... especially as a professional windsurfer.
Now a new major upgrade has come to life, bound to make your windsurfing experience way more joyful. 
Yes, the NoerStick mast extension makes sure your rig is easily rigged every time you go windsurfing. 
All you need to do is to put the NoerStick mast extension into your mast and your sail can easily be trimmed to perfection, for every single session.
The NoerStick mast extension takes the frustration out of your rigging and trimming - giving you an easy and joyful experience... even before you hit the water.